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General - Questions & Answers

How does the legal plan work?

Can the legal plan benefits be used towards all areas of law?

Who is covered under the plans?

Why is there no telephone number available on the website?

How soon can I begin using the legal plan benefits?

Can the legal plans assist me with a pre-existing matter?

Is a long term commitment required to become a member?

Are there any long term waiting periods before the benefits can be used?

Are the legal plans insurance?

Should I become a member if I presently do not have a legal matter?

What are the plan rates?

Can I submit my legal questions using the Contact form on this website?

Can I use the legal plan for in-court matters?

Does the Personal Legal Plan cover business legal matters?

Will I have to pay anything out of pocket?

Can the attorney require a retainer?

I still have questions, who can I contact?

Enrollment - Questions & Answers

How do I enroll?

Is the online enrollment page safe and secure?

What payment options are available?

Plan Attorneys - Questions & Answers

Do you have attorneys in my area?

Are the plan attorneys experienced?

Are the attorneys insured?

Can I change the attorney that is assigned to me?

Will I be able to speak directly with a live attorney?